Grabbing the attention of the readers is the basic priority of anyone who is into selling, no matter huge-scale or small-scale selling. And to do the needful, the creation of relevant content is considered the tip of the iceberg, hidden but a perceptible aspect. In the fast-moving world where you only have a time of a few seconds to present your service, it can either turn out to be valuable for you or can even drop your business from the market competition. Selling and having a good customer base is not enough if you do not create proper content to keep up with the competition and market trends. No matter if you are a new writer or you are an experienced hand in marketing content creation, there are always new things to learn about the different concepts of content. 

Content is a vast concept, particularly when your business is reachable to people and their reactions to your business are based on this marketing content. As a business owner, your business might fail to attract the right kind of audience if it does not deliver valuable content to its customers, readers and audiences. Therefore, here is an article that will tell you the content-related strategies or steps that you must follow, as a business, to cope with the audiences and attract them to your services. 

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Draft content that implies ACTION

What to target is a common problem for all brands, especially when planning single or multiple campaigns. But there is a solution for it and it is pretty simple to predict! Generally, people who witness an ad campaign prefer to recognise some action in the ad which may be landing on a website, filling up a form, booking a pack or scheduling a call among many others. If you tend to sell your product or service, you need to add action to your campaign's content every time it goes live. Having a goal from the beginning will become the best part whenever you plan content strategy. 

Therefore, defining the purpose of the web copy becomes an even more vital aspect. Call-to-action content can imply this in a better way by using CTA words such as Learn More, Visit Site, Order Now, Watch Now, Subscribe Now, Grab Your Piece Today, Join, Get A Call, Book an Appointment, etc. 

Encourage your audiences by implying some action to your web copy and see the magic for yourself! You can bring the audiences to your website, make them subscribe to your blog or newsletter or promote a festive offer on your products or services. 

Understand what the audience wants, rather than focusing on yourself

To support our primary goal, sales, we need to determine methods to know our audiences in the best possible way. If we know or understand our prospects, then it will be easy for us to target our service or product to them without fail. The more we know about them, the more chances to convert them. Before choosing the correct words for your web copy, you better understand which pain point you are going to trigger so that the ad affects the mindset of the buyer. 

Firstly before running any advertisements, you need to specify the kind of audience that would be interested in your product, in both direct and indirect terms. Further, see who are the people who are coming to your platform along with this, and check the problems they wish to get solved (of course something that relates to your domain or your offerings). 

Most importantly, do more research about what search terms or keywords they would use when they are typing on a search bar. Collectively, think as a buyer yourself. If one begins understanding the basics of the buyers, half your selling job is done. Also, it is the first step toward winning the trust of the buyers. 

Encourage your readers to check your page out

Every business nowadays must ensure that the customers visit your 'store'. The more you will spread the word about the platform you have, the more its popularity which will further result in more sales. Therefore, while drafting your web copy, make sure that you are at least giving one link or hint to your website. Likewise mentioned in the point above, it can be via call-to-action content or by simply adding a link in your ad copy. 

Segregating your readers into different platforms will confuse you as well as your platform's performance. Hence, make sure that you are promoting one particular platform at a time. Encourage your readers to visit your blog page, services page or directly to the Home page. 

Also, one thing that you can apply here is that what you encourage your audiences about should relate to the audience you are targetting per your ad strategy. Landing your readers to your platform will assist not only in bringing sales but will also help in improving the brand’s value and its name in the market. 

Follow what your competitors are doing

Rather than implying your own strategies in the initial stage, you can follow the strategies or pitch your competitors have been using. Using the Facebook Page Ad Library, one can view the advertisements being run by any brand. It will be a great move to perform some research on the websites and social media handles of your competitors before finalising everything on your own. However, if you wish to keep the approach different by applying a well-researched strategy on your own, then it might become an exception. 

Your potential audience is also someone who is buying from your competitors along with the customers who aren't much satisfied with their services. However, this does not mean that we directly target their customers. If their customers view our ad campaign as challenging and upfront against the other one's services, then, of course, they will think for once to get your services. When beginning our ad campaigns, it is always a good idea to take a strategic decision by keeping a little bit of similarity in the ads of the competitors. 

You can refer to the competitors who already have a good name in the market. Target the big fish in the sea and locate their offered primary services- not before checking their site rankings- the type of content they target through their main pages and the audiences they target. 

Address to the audience as if they are seeking a SOLUTION

The usage of solution-based content is always a great way to offer a valuable service to people. If you are a product or a service-based company, your offerings are not going to attract the audiences but the solution you offer will. 

In competitive times like the current era, almost every business domain has a wide range of competitors in the market and proving your worth out of those competitive blues is, generally, a tough part to tackle. However, the same can be done if you keep an idea that will add value to your services; a thing or an idea that none of your competitors offers. If you are running multiple ad campaigns, your approach must be solution-centric and not based on the selling agenda.

For instance, if you are a shipping aggregator firm, rather than focusing on getting recharges, focus on the problems your potential audiences are facing. Afterwards, target the relevant solutions that are not offered by others. Then, target this ad to your audience. This will offer you a good change in your lead generation and conversion pattern surely. 

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Use visual power to its best

Most people nowadays don't have enough time- not even 10-30 seconds- to spend reading the text of an advert. What attracts these social media users is mostly the visualised form of the content which can be graphs, videos, infographics as well as pictures. According to a report by Semrush, people would remember 80% of what they witness or practice, however, they would only remember 20% of what they read. 

To illustrate, they might remember the service offered and not the name of the website they visited which might prove to be a bane for you and of course a boon for your competitors. An image or a video can make your content ten times strong than its written format. It is said that a web copy requires the support of a well-explained and attractive visual to support its originality and impact. 

Interactive content is the biggest supporter of your ad campaign which has the best way to attract your audiences. Use the perfect combination of visuals, sound, content and presentation altogether and you can also evaluate the results compared to your ads which only used plain content. These visual ads will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Talk in layman's language

Using high lexical content in your web copy, you might think of changing it soon. As a brand, remember while running an ad, you only have a few seconds to attain the attention of your viewers and believe me, the moment they feel disconnected, they'll straight-forwardly swipe the screen. 

Instead of using a high range of vocabulary, you can simply the content and use it to educate the audience. Simpler languages will help them understand you better rather than feeling dumb about not knowing the meanings of difficult words that you might otherwise use. How can you apply this theory? 

  • You can build a shorter and less complex sentence that helps communicate the right message in the right manner. 

  • Usage of technical terminology of your business niche is not always understood as not everyone is an expert, therefore, try and avoid using jargon.

  • Try limiting the usage of adverbs as well as adjectives in a way to keep the sentences quickly readable and short; usage of improper ones is termed as unprofessional which comes as a risk to your ad output. 

Use searchable keywords

Keywords are also quite essential for the copies or the content present on the brand’s online platforms. Always include 1 or 2 keywords in your copy to make it appear on the top in the search engines. Ask your digital marketer or SEO expert to give you good keywords. 

Create a Scannable Copy

Whenever drafting the content for your web copy, keep in mind to create a proper and understandable layout. Layout plays a vital role in a copy, be it ads, on websites, or on social media platforms. Scan your copy not as a seller but as a buyer. As a buyer, would you care to read a copy having a similar layout as the one created by you? For the most part, people prefer not to read entirely long paragraphs, especially when it is not required. Therefore, one must principally create a copy with skimmed text which can be easily readable. 

Most people prefer to skim reading, hence, make copy scannable, which means, including headers, numbered or bulleted lists, and subheadings along with the support of the whitespace between the paragraphs so it keeps the reader engaged and not bored. Having a scannable text that allows readers to understand it without wasting too much time is the best thing a customer can ever get. 

Address Readers Directly

Addressing directly to the readers is one of the great ways to create a relationship and a good bond with them. A mere change from he, she or they to you, or yours will imply a personal touch in the text as well as will improve your customers’ behaviour toward your product. Therefore, use a second-person narrative instead of a first-person or a third-person narrative.

For instance;

A first-person narrative would sound, “We offer a great value to our customers”. This might become a good and impactful copy for your business but let’s change its narrative to the second person, “Our company promises to offer great value to you and your business!”

The only difference between the two copies is the layout but the former one forms a distance from the product or service and the latter creates a sort of familiarity between the reader and the seller.

Avoid grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors

An error in your copy has a huge chance to distract the viewer from its actual perspective. Actually, this point should go without a say. Make sure that, no matter how experienced you as a content writer are, you always give your copy a second chance to be rephrased. Also, you must ask another person to recheck it for you. The content you draft must surely be free of any errors in terms of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A small mistake may change the whole meaning of the sentence leading to a huge swathe of viewers.


Make sure to create the best of your content marketing to make a great buyers base for your business! Keep visiting our website for more such information!