As a marketer, one understands the importance of Search Engine Optimization but as a business owner, one always needs some light to understand the concept. SEO is a vast concept and a big part of the digital marketing sector that works well in a way to improve the ranking and reachability of one's website. Several business owners in India still feel that SEO is something they would never need to draw profitability and conversions to their business but at least do they know how brilliantly SEO is helpful in our business needs and brand building.

Did you know?

According to the stats given by Ahrefs, SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than social media may organically bring.

Ever since the world has moved vastly towards the online form of business exchange practising e-commerce adoption, the war to succeed in business has turned online giving digital marketing and especially, Search Engine Optimization huge importance. For a layman to know, SEO happens to improve the quality and the quantity of the traffic to your 'digital dukaan' or website.

Basically, more than just stuffing the pages with the relevant keywords, here are a few of the many benefits SEO has offered to us.

Targets quality traffic

Since SEO is an inbound marketing strategy, SEO has been a quite helpful advertising channel building an easier technique for the audience to find you and your business's information. An inbound marketing method is customer-centric offering helpful resources and divulging useful information. Instead of landing on your customer’s newsfeed, unnecessary calls and spammy emails, SEO is a convenient marketing tactic that results in bringing together qualified leads for your business without affecting your audience's interest.

SEO helps you specify the kind of audience that is interested in your services by targeting exactly the potential leads. So for example, if you are a logistics company, your services will interest people who are in e-commerce, retailers who are planning to move to e-commerce and alike businesses. Therefore, your SEO team will cover the targetted audience only not someone who is not interested in your business until they search for it, of course.

Brings customers through organic search

As many as 60% of the marketers have stated that their highest quality leads are witnessed coming from SEO-engaged customers. This is because the customers or people coming on the search engines come there for a solution.

Now let's take an example, how much do you personally use the internet and search engines? For any purpose, personal or professional, we end up visiting search engines during a large part of our working hours. If every individual uses so much of the search engine, just imagine how much potential your business has to be famous digitally?

Improves brand awareness

Most businesses have this misconception that digital marketing and SEO practices are limited to only converting leads but running a business requires moving out of this bubble. The success of a business is not only measured by the number of customers you have or leads you were able to convert but it is about how much assisting your business has been to the complete audience database.

SEO works on this particular pain point; by helping you build a brand and not just a profitable business. Even if the audience doesn't click on your site link when they access the search engine, they would at least read your name and this makes them indirectly associated with your brand's existence. SEO is creating helpful content and then attracting the target audience by offering them that solution.

Helps move ahead of business competition

SEO is widely practised and is considered to be a pivotal marketing strategy. Internet is the best platform to choose if you wish to reach your customers beyond your reach or locality.

The more you will spread your business, the more benefits it is going to bestow. Above all, 61% of the marketers have said that improving their SEO targeting and online presence has become a top priority for them.

Here are a few other benefits of SEO:

  • Builds reputation and brand name
  • Keeps people aware of your brand name
  • Helps build a trustworthy experience for visitors
  • Assists in building a well-connected website

This article half proves that your competitors are also taking establishing steps to rank high in the search results. Don't stay far behind this game, move your SEO game a level up.