As a website and a business owner, you might have heard about call-to-action. Well, if you are not aware of what these are and what are its benefits, then you better read this article till the end. Have you seen buttons on website that read, "book my appointment", "call now", "register now", "add to cart", "sign-up", or "download"? These are particularly known as call-to-action buttons. Basically, call-to-action is the responsive button/s on a site or a landing page clicking on which may lead to some action taken. CTA buttons used on your website and the landing pages are to guide the users to take the steps you want them to take. CTA buttons have a particular task or a common goal: to get your audience into some action and complete a conversion. CTAs are greatly beneficial if used keeping the business classification into consideration. But before we go on to the usage of suitable CTAs in particular businesses, let’s first understand the background of the call-to-action buttons.

Surprisingly, CTAs are quite relevant and beneficial even in the marketing sector because these CTAs happen to encourage the audience to take significant action on a campaign or to eventually make a purchase. But what is so special about CTAs? Call to action plays a pivotal role in the marketing and for a website as the CTAs attract the audience and if your button is not actionable and attractive, you might end up losing a lead forever. Commonly, a call-to-action button is related to the kind of content and marketing approach you have. Having a wrong responsive button promoting the wrong content may end up miserably. To illustrate, if your content is about a product and its description but your CTA says sign-up now, how relatable and convincing, as an audience, it may sound to you?

The usage of CTA buttons is proven to be a mystery for some business owners, however, using them effectively will add value to not only your business but your website’s performance as well.

Now that we have understood the role of a CTA responsive icon, we must also learn what kind of CTAs can be used for a business? The content for the CTAs must correlate to the kind of business you deal in and the website you have. If you sell products, you cannot use CTA words like download, subscribe, etc. This is why you must always understand the business and website requirements before getting into selling or running ads.

What may happen if you don’t understand what kind of CTAs you require for a particular business?

  • It May Missguide The Audience
  • May Create A Wrong Impression On The Visitors
  • Customers Or Visitors May Find CTAs Disturbing
  • CTRs May Heavily Fall
  • Make Desirable Action Trickier To Understand

What call-to-action buttons may do the needful for different types of websites?

We usually guide our clients to have relevant and creative CTAs in order to offer convenience, ease and productivity in getting more clicks on the buttons. Here is the type of content your can use for several kinds of websites:

eCommerce website

  • Add To Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Proceed To Payment
  • Add To My Wishlist
  • View Popular Products
  • View More Styles/Colours
  • Similar Products

Business Website: For a service-based business

  • Book a Meeting
  • Contact Sales Executive
  • Book a Free Trial
  • Request a Demo
  • Start a 30-Day Free Trial
  • Sign Up Now
  • Sign up for Newsletter

Blog website

  • Categories On The Side Panel
  • Link Also Reads In Article
  • Subscribe To Our Website
  • Start A Demo

Portfolio Website

  • Jump to My Experience
  • Learn More About Me
  • Valuable Achievements in Previous Firms
  • Take a Look At My Educational Qualification
  • About My Previous Firms

Event Website

  • Upcoming Events
  • Previously Done Events
  • Partner Vendors
  • Client Reviews
  • Overall Success Rate

Non-Profit Website

  • Donate Now
  • Volunteer for a Good Cause
  • Adopt Today
  • Support The Crew
  • Commit to a Good Deed

Informational Website

  • Explore Now
  • Learn More
  • Download My Copy
  • Get Free Courses
  • Grab Now
  • Claim The Offer Now
  • Take advantage of **

Online Forum

  • Submit
  • Join Now
  • I Want to Know More
  • Count Me In!
  • Learn More About the Drive
  • Download the Report
  • Register as an Expert
  • Join as Audience

All these are just simple examples of how or what you can add to your websites to improve the click-through rates and bring responses from more and more people. Having CTAs relatable to your business and website type will help your visitors be specific about what are they looking for.

Furthermore, let’s understand the benefits of these responsive buttons in detail:

What are the benefits of CTA buttons?

Using CTA buttons will assist in improving the experience of the user accessing your site. You never know which part of your website is most interesting and attractive but if you have at least 3 call-to-action responsive icons on your landing page, it will help visitors to take necessary action across your services without wasting any minute.

CTAs offer a directive approach towards the visitors, and/or buyers. It also eases the user's journey coming to simply navigate through your site or directly make a purchase by clarifying to the audience where they might want to go.

These responsive icons also assist in reducing the risk of the audience going off your website after a few clicks. Not having even one button may lead to confusion and boredom, therefore, having CTAs will help reduce that risk for you.

Also, with CTAs, audiences don’t have to cluelessly navigate through the website if they are particularly looking for an action such as adding a product to the cart, buying know, learning more about a product or downloading the catalogue, etc.

If you think that there is nothing much to do with these buttons, then you are completely misguided. Your CTAs must be attractive and eye-catchy because these will decide if a person will click on them or not. Therefore, be precise and creative while drafting and designing your CTAs. Here are a few points that you must consider while making the call-to-action buttons attractive:

How to make CTAs attractive and get them clicked?

Your Button's Colour Matters The Most

Choose a suitable colour or a colour that SPEAKS on the landing page. The colour plays a big role in instigating the audience. Therefore, if you are using a CTA button, choose the colours carefully. Commonly, loud colours are considered to create the best effect on the audience, however, opposite colours can also do wonders and have more chances to stand out. For example, orange CTA on a blue graphic, a green button on a purple landing page or a red button on a yellow image?

However, if you are still confused about what might go best with which combination, then you might be interested in getting these colours into live poster testing before finalizing the proper outlook of your website.

Your chosen colour scheme is going to help you choose the mood of your customers or the visitors. The primary choice of colours directly influences the behaviours of the viewers and helps in decision-making. Colours may help you choose if your visitors feel friendly, confident, excited, creative, trustworthy, peaceful or calm towards your website among other necessary emotions. Choose wisely appearing colours that soothe the eyesight and gets the attention of the viewers easily.

Choose Suitable Size

The size of the buttons does matter in a lot more influential way than a website owner may ever think. If the size of your graphic is 1200X600 px, you must consider using a right-sized CTA button that goes well with the graphic content and CTA button content. You must not use big-sized buttons on a graphic that has a lot of content and comparably, you must not use less content with a quite small-sized button. Both will create a shabby and unattractive sight.

Your button must be of a considerable size that makes it easier for the reader to read the button content, at the same time, the size mustn't be too large making it intimidating against the graphic used. A seemingly large size may make the audience feel unwantedly uncomfortable while the opposite makes the audience feel too confusing. However, exceptional conditions are always prevailing in website CTAs.

If you are an educational service and you offer downloadable pdfs, you can create a bigger CTA to convince the audience to save the file and read it later. However, you should avoid using bigger Add To Cart options on the product pages.

Use Considerable Numbers Of Words

Do you know that you require to brainstorm even about the content that goes for the buttons? The size of your content must correlate to the size of your CTA button and also, to the content present on the graphic where the CTA is to be placed. If you are giving the graphic content relating to the collection you have recently launched, you might care to use a ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’, or ‘explore more’ kinds of options instead of using unnecessarily long lines. In some cases, big content may also work, however, in this content, you must try using less number of words in the graphic overall. Using much of the content may not appear to be attractive to your viewers. Use the right balance of the word length to make your buttons even more attractive.

Create a Sense Of Urgency!

Urgency is the best way using which one can produce a few useable click-through rates. Constructing the urgency in the minds of people makes great use of inflicted emotions of surprise and excitement in people. For instance, you can use text like, 'Sign Up and get 40% Off For Today Only' or 'Price Going Up Next Week'. Use the offers or text that builds excitement in the people for buying your service or product right now without a delay.

Use First Person Speech Form

Changing your content's perspective also proves to be quite beneficial for your CTAs. Simply replacing 'Book Your Piece today' with 'Book My Piece Today' may assist you in spiking your CTRs. Elaborating this statement is the study by Michael Aagart of Content Verve discovered in a study that using 1st person speech resulted in driving 90% clicks during an ongoing campaign. This itself explains how one strategy may help you effectively.


Call-to-action buttons add value to your overall campaigns and even to the overall appearance of your website which will improve your traffic rate and like we already said, CTRs. Always make sure that you are using CTAs that suit your business classification just right if you want to attract the right kind of audience to your platform.