10-minute-read: As much important as it is for the necessary aspects of a business to flourish in a convenient way, it is vital to keep lead generation equally paced alike other business operations. One cannot solely focus on a particular condition while completely ignoring the other ones if one wants the success of the overall business. Lead conversion is an aspect that is not commonly interpreted as it should be. The overall success of your marketing is half dependent upon the profits it has generated and not to mention, profits only take place if there are any conversions. Converting leads to sales must be considered an efficient activity; without conversion, marketing is of no use. 

Did you know that 79% of the marketing leads never get converted into sales? These are the recent statistics given by Marketing Sherpa that also claims that lack of nurture is the prime reason for the same. There are quite many statistics to state the fact of how devastatingly the lead conversion campaigns are suffering in our country. The more you make your lead campaigns strong, the more powerful your lead campaigns tend to get. According to CSO Insights, as many as 68% of businesses have reportedly been struggling with lead generation.

Running continuous lead campaigns is quite vital for any business, especially in the online marketing segment where you tend to get leads irrespective of geographical boundaries. There are certain points that must be ensured while learning how to convert a lead. For all those who are new to the business, lead conversion is an aspect that you would have to focus on after successfully establishing your marketing campaigns. 

In a marketing campaign, we will have lead generation campaigns where we get responses from people who are interested in either our services or who wish to explore more about the services. These leads are your potential audiences who might become your regular customers (if converted properly, of course). The process of converting these leads to one’s customers is known as lead conversion. Furthermore, the success or failure of the lead generation campaign is decided by calculating how many customers out of these potential leads have been converted. 

While deciding on a strategy for conversion of the potentials, you must keep a few pointers ready to pitch in order to ensure a high-end success of the campaign. Here are a few points that you must focus on while making a strategy for lead conversion. 

Target the Pain Point

Never pitch the offer you are making rather focus on targeting the pain point. In sales, most people focus on pitching the product or the service but seemingly, it is not the kind of targeting that is required in sales. First, ask the customer and the potential what problems they face (remember always ask them problems related to your product or service only). When you directly target the main point, it becomes quite difficult for the buyer to understand the core importance of the product. Therefore, it is crucial for you to target the pain point of the customer.

Here’s how it will help you:

  • For instance, you sell a product related to a make-up brand.
  • Ask your customers if they are using any current brand product.
  • Ask them what problem they are facing with the current product.
  • Question about the general issue they face in make-up.
  • Then try and pitch your product in favour of the problem they have.
  • If they say that their currently used foundation makes the skin look patchy then you can focus on the same along with the other prime features of your product. 

Don't create to SELL, create to OFFER

This isn’t a pep talk, of course. The value of a business or a brand is generated when it values convenience and investment. A brand is not made when you build a good product, a brand is created when one offers the product at an amazing price along with the added value.

Introduce Amazing Discounts

People love discounts! No one is going to say no to an amazing discount; however, only if you market it properly. Use all modes of marketing to promote your account. Before you do that, decide which discount would sound amazing to your customers. Also, consider keeping some margin for your profit too. In order to raise the excitement of people, do not trigger higher expectations of audiences. You can offer:

  • Buy 1/2/3 and get one for free
  • Buy a minimum cart value and get this product for free
  • Buy within 7-days and enjoy no shipping charges
  • Buy and enjoy a 5% discount AND a surprise gift
  • You can also offer referrals in this case

Design an effective and amazing FAQ section

Mostly, newcomers visiting your business tend to have similar or common questions. It might not be always possible to address each and every of them. Therefore, you may design an effective FAQ section wherein you cover every possible query of your leads and customers. You can cover questions commonly addressed by your sales team while taking the leads. This will ensure that your leads are not filling up the query form to ask the common questions, you can link them to the FAQ section in order to save your time and energy for another lead. 

Be Active and Available

All your customers want from you, apart from a good product, is good customer support service. If you are not available for your customers online, always remember, that they can easily replace you. If your product is worth the attention of the buyers, you wouldn't want that to happen. Try and be available for your customers as well as visitors for as much time as you can. 

Of course, even e-commerce comes with a few time limitations, however, a customer sitting on the other side of the screen would not understand it. Therefore, you have to try and be available. Also, you can prepare a well-versed FAQ page where you answer all the generally asked questions in order to assist your customers and visitors in case you are away from your online store. Refer to the point above to learn the details about the FAQs section.

To specify: There must always be a considerable amount of time that you must offer to your online selling platform. Moreover, the above paragraph does not intend to offer the fact that you must reply to your customer just as they have approached you. Keep healthy time management for offering your assistance. This will make the audience think of you as reputed, occupied and involved. 

Use Email Marketing to Target Unconverted Leads

Whenever you are given the leads to convert, in most cases while you approach the leads, they will possibly ask you to wait or that they will themselves let you know. What to do in such a case? Well, quite a number of salespeople would try to reach out to them on call even if they don’t pick up. However, it is not an appropriate thing to do. 

Instead of trying to connect via a call, try to connect with them via email. According to a post by Hubspot, 81% of the B2B marketers use more email newsletters marketing. This is evident enough to prove how vastly email marketing is practised and preferred by marketers nowadays.

Use e-mail marketing to a greater extent in order to create a familiarity with the leads. Here’s what you can share via email:

  • Share the latest offers of your brand.
  • Ping your subscribers whenever a new collection arrives at your digital store.
  • Share useful information about the niche of your brands like blogs, and social media posts.
  • Share celebratory messages with them. Tell them if it is your first anniversary or if you are celebrating your brand founder’s birthday.
  • Make them realise that you are still waiting for them to return to complete the purchase.
  • Create urgency by emailing them that the product might go out of stock tomorrow!

Be a little Flexible in the Beginning

Being adjustable according to the needs of your audience is important, not always but sometimes it becomes mandatory. However, it does not mean that there is something wrong with your product or service. It means that in the growing stage, the customers and visitors must be given some reasons to trust you. Trust is a difficult concept to crack, especially when it comes to buying online from a business you have no clue about. In such a scenario, flexibility offers slight trust in the minds of people. 

This flexibility can be in any form. In the form of negotiating the product or service cost, laying off delivery costs, rescheduling the delivery date, etc. Try to strike a balance between being flexible and tough. If you offer a reducing amount of products, then do not offer to return them. However, in each scenario, be clear about your policies, and never overpromise or misguide your audiences. 


The salesforce of a company will decide if the lead will go through the complete lead funnel starting from being a stranger and ending up as a customer or not. The question are we converting the leads successfully? is what you must ask yourself by the end of each lead-generating campaign. Asking this question to oneself will help generate the part where one needs to improve the performance.

Having a strategy for lead conversion is a must for every business. These are going to further extend your growth pattern of the conversion process that might lose its actual aim, if not taken out in a great manner. Using these simple methods will assist you in creating the best lead conversion campaign that you might never experience without following the points.